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How to Choose Loose Diamonds For Sale

If you are looking at loose diamonds for sale and you see two diamonds that appear to be exactly the same -- yet they are valued very differently -- the reason might be color. Color is one of the Four Cs, the four major characteristics on which diamonds are graded. The other characteristics are the Cut, Clarity and Carat or weight.

At, we feel that the more you know about diamonds, the more you will enjoy the experience of selecting the diamond or diamond engagement ring that is right for you. Shopping for diamonds can be an intimidating process, but once you have learned a little bit about diamonds and the language of the diamond industry, the intimidation factor is greatly decreased. With that in mind, here are some facts about diamond color.

First, when we speak about color in regard to diamonds, what we really mean is lack of color. While emeralds are green and rubies are red, the most highly sought after diamonds are as clear and colorless as a drop of pure water. Diamonds are revered for their sparkle and brilliance, and the higher a diamond’s degree of colorlessness, the greater its sparkle and brilliance. When you are looking at loose diamonds for sale, you should check their color grade.

The color grading scale of the GIA, Gemological Institute of America, is the most widely accepted measure within the diamond industry. The graders measure the color -- or more precisely -- the degree of colorlessness, by comparing a diamond under controlled lighting and viewing conditions to “master” stones of established color value.

The diamond is then given a grade from D to Z, depending on the amount of color. D is the highest grade, representing a diamond that is colorless. The amount of color increases in each successive grade -- all the way to Z -- but the distinctions between one grade and the next are so subtle that only a trained color grader will see them.

However, even though you cannot see the difference between a diamond that is color-graded F and a diamond color graded G, you will be able to see a significant difference in cost savings between the two. If you are planning on buying a larger diamond, be aware that color becomes more noticeable as the diamond gets larger, particularly if you are looking at a diamond two carats or larger.

There are a few other “insider tips” that can help you save money on your purchase and help you get “more bang for your buck.” When you look at a diamond, you are dazzled by the sparkle, fire and brilliance of the stone, so the color doesn’t make an immediate impression. This is one reason that cut is considered the most important characteristic of a fine diamond, and color is considered the second most important characteristic. Some diamond shapes, such as a round brilliant or princess, have more sparkle than others, which can help to mask a slightly lower color grade. Also, the setting you choose can complement the stone’s color. For example, if you have a near colorless stone, like a diamond graded J, setting it in yellow gold will make it appear to have less color. On the other hand, platinum or white gold really looks great with diamonds graded D through H.


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